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Welcome guys!

I'm Julian Ivaldy, co-founder of The Quest, the 1st Entrepreneurship Training Center. I created this newsletter to share with you all my adventures and learnings about creating & growing Web3 products.

I've been co-founding Web3 companies for 3 years now, taking them from the idea stage to multi-million euro companies. You'll get a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of Web3 projects that meet a real need and have real traction. I'll share with you the challenges, strategies, successes, and failures.

My goal is very simple:

- Give visibility to Web3 projects and inspire people to create their own
- Share the best practices & secrets behind successful Web3 businesses
- Showing the backstage of Web3 companies (and you will be surprised…)

Here are the 5 past editions that may interest you:

Inside Web3 | Bootstrapping your Web3 company: 3 steps to success
Inside Web3 | Visitors onboarding
Inside Web3 | Leveraging external communities
Inside Web3 | Product management in Web3
Inside Web3 | The Power of SEO for your Web3 project

I hope you will enjoy the content. If you have something to share that could be interesting, feel free to DM me on Twitter.

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